Best file sharing website for free


Best file sharing website for free– are you searching online file share websites like an online pen drive. So today I will share some best file-sharing website for you. 

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When we want to share some file we are using pen drive but pen drive only work in some case. It only works offline, sending friends and other users. But if we talk about online share some data so the pen drive does not work there. So I notice that and find and resolve that problem. I found some website where you can save you data and send to you an online user throwing a link/URL easily that your friends easily download any file that you actually provide with the link. 

What is a File sharing website

It is a normal website like another website on the internet. File sharing is a feature that you save you file on the internet without payment. But some file-sharing website ask you for money but in this article, I am talking about only a free website. 

You can save you all the data on an online website. Like your images, video, and other important data. It is mostly used for sending you some data to your friends online. You can upload your file to a file-sharing website and export the download link and share that link with your friends for download data. 

Top 5 file-sharing website free

Best file sharing website for free
Best file sharing website for free

So if you want to know the all file sharing website name read that article in last. I am share some best fila sharing website so let’s start

Google drive

Best file sharing website for free
google Drive

Google drive is an google product. You can save 15 GB storage free of coast in your google drive account. It is very easy to use google drive. You can log in google drive with your Gmail id. And upload all data in google drive easily. 

You can save your photos, videos automatically. Just open your google photos app and set the auto-upload data and do few changes and it uploads your images and video to your Gmail account free.

When you upload your data in google drive. You may export file URL and change access to the public if you send that link to your friends. Because without public access your partner will not able to download the file. 


Best file sharing website for free

So dropbox is the best popular cloud storage drive for every user. It provides free  20 GB storage for every new user and old user in dropbox. 

I personally use that Dropbox yo upload and share files online with our friends. I am getting the best experience with this website. This website is developed in 2007. 

You can also search your file in this Dropbox. You don’t know it has a bin folder if you mistakenly delete your file it can be recovered within 30 days.


Best file sharing website for free
media fire

Mediafire is mostly used in blogging. Who share many files for our readers like download software and other drivers. 

If you use a fast website for file sharing please use Mediafire. Because it is very easy to upload and it also exports download links and gives access publicly automatically. 

I use Mediafire in some articles for downloading software and data. I get the best experience by this website. 

Zippy share

Best file sharing website for free

Zippy share is the best file sharing website. You can upload anything under 500mb files many files. But you can’t upload 1 file upper 500 MB. It is good because you can upload unlimited files upper 500 MB. 

I use it many times but I upload more than 500mb data so I switched it to other file sharing apps. But it is really good. So can you use it one time and test how its works. 

Mega NZ

Best file sharing website for free
mega nz

Mega NZ was created in 2013. This is an Indian website and its launched by the Indian government. It is created for storing data for long time. And you can upload your data for long times its never be erased. 

In mega NZ has only one problem you can never forget your mega nz password. So you can strongly learn your password for login. 


So we share some file-sharing websites for every user. If you not finding yet best file sharing website so I suggest you use google drive or media fire because that is the best two file-sharing websites for all time

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